Vacations time! Traveling provides a terrific impact on your physical and mental well-being.

Still not planned your Vacation? Do you know traveling is good for your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Traveling provides a therapeutic effect on your overall well-being. It makes you healthier physically, mentally and emotionally.

Christmas time is a vacation time. Christmas time for many people is not just celebration at home, but they love to explore new places during these holidays. It is good to travel, as traveling gives you a much needed break from your mundane and monotonous life. It makes you healthier and content.

“The most beautiful in the world is, of course, the world itself.”

Wallace Stevens

Significance of traveling for overall well-being

Body and mind are connected, if you are mentally stable it can have a positive impact on your physical health. If you are feeling depressed it is more likely that you can have a headache, if you experience fatigue or anxiety you may get digestive problems. If someone has mental health issues probably they may have heart disease. 

It`s a high time to TRAVEL

T = Take a break

R = Reach new places

A = add Adventure

V = Vacation time

E = Enjoy your life

L = go Long distance

Traveling improves your mood, reduces stress and it is good for your heart health. You travel to a new location, meet new people, get to know their cultures, and learn about their way of life.

Here a few health benefits of planning a vacation

1. Enhances happiness and satisfaction
Naturally, most people find that while they are travelling and not thinking about work, they are happy. One of the more intriguing findings from a Cornell University study is that even the act of arranging a trip directly increases people’s pleasure.

2. Lowers risk of depression
Fortunately, there are healthier options for avoiding the futility of depression. Research suggests that one of them is travel. According to a research published by the World Health Organization (WHO), at least 6.5% of Indians have a significant mental illness. Even while depression is difficult to handle, it can be fatal. The proper diagnosis and care can assist in overcoming depression. Travel is a fantastic way to accomplish this.

3. Reduces stress
One study found that three days after returning from vacation, visitors report feeling more relaxed, less worried, and happier. It’s interesting to note that these advantages frequently last for weeks after the trip has ended.

4. Boosts immune system
Studies have found that when you visit new places abroad, your body is exposed to different pathogens that create stronger antibodies in your immune system.
These antibodies boost the overall immune system of your body and make it more robust and fit to fight diseases and ailments.

5. Reduces risk of heart attacks
Heart attacks have been one of the leading causes of deaths in India. According to the Indian Heart Association, 50% of heart attacks in the country occur under 50 years of age, while 25% of it occurs under 40 years of age. While adopting healthy lifestyle habits can curb chances of heart attacks, travelling can also reduce the risk.

6. Improves your creativity
The ability to be creative is another factor that is positively impacted by travel. Researchers have discovered that travelling to new places improves cognitive flexibility, depth, and coherence. When you indulge with the locals and fully immerse yourself in their culture, this is amplified even more. 

7. Helps you live longer
By keeping you healthy, reducing stress, lowering your chance of heart attacks, and boosting your immune system, travelling can lengthen your life. According to study, the likelihood of living a longer life is increased when all of these elements combine to promote brain function.

Traveling, well-being
Traveling for overall well-being

Different type of travels can be planned

People travels different places based on their needs and preferences, e.g.

  • Hills/Mountains
  • Jungle/camping
  • Sea shore
  • Tracking
  • Spiritual places

Definitely there is physical, mental and emotional health benefits of traveling different type of places for your body and soul 

  • Hills/Mountains –  Surely you will to get fresh oxygen and scenic beauty
  • Jungle/camping – You will  to enjoy natural beauty and experience soothing natural sound of nature, which is good for physical and mental health
  • Some go for long drives
  • Seas shore – This is to gain Vitamin-D and enjoy the natural sound of water. This is good for your physical and emotional health
  • Long drives – They are the best stres busters and also helps in family bonding for your emotional health
  • Spiritual Places – Worshiping helps you with strong emotional health
  • Tracking – Surely to test your stamina and gain fresh air

Follow these healthy tips while traveling

  • Carry home cooked food, while you travel to avoid eating unhygienic roadside foods
  • Keep dry fruits and nuts with you for munching to avoid packaged food
  • Always carry water bottle with you
  • Keep napkins/tissue paper
  • Hand sanitizer is must
  • Freshening towels are optional, but useful during long distance journeys

“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.”


So, now that you know the real scientific benefits of travelling, it’s time to pack your bags, book your ticket and rush towards your destination and help your body and soul to recover from mother natural.

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