Is your wardrobe winter ready? 6 Tips to keep your style quotient intact this winter

Winters are here to stay! it’s time to wear warmest clothes while stepping outdoors. As the temperature drops down, it’s necessary to layer up in comfortable and warm clothes without giving up your style quotient. It’s high time you review and rearrange your wardrobe, now your cotton and linen clothes can take a back seat and winter wear to occupy the front row. 

In today’s times people are more fashion conscious. Everyone wants to be well dressed all the time, even when while you catching-up for coffee on chili evening or a formal meeting, isn’t it? and hence, your winter wear not only got to be warm and comfy yet they ought to look good and stylish.  This is the reason why big fashion houses and fashion influencers put light around and create trends around the idea of designing and styling winter wear that is functional and attractive simultaneously.

Winter Wear

Winter wears are not merely for providing protection from chili weather, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t look stylish and have fun with your winter clothing.

No need to give up on style quotient this winter.

In this blog I am putting forward certain tips and tricks to maintain your style quotient when it’s cold outside to become the winter fashionista.

6 ways to maintain your style quotient in Winters

Your style quotient.
Winter fashion

1) Become an expert in layering

Layering in winters is always in trend. It’s a good way to look stylish and stay warm during winters. It will be a good option to buy thermals to wear under your dress, tights under your jeans and pants. In this way you can put on whatever you want to without worrying about the cold. If you strive to wear your favorite dress during winters, layering is the savior in such situations. A jacket over your dress and jeans or tights under your dress will keep you safe in winters and also help you to keep your style quotient intact.

2) Prefer well-fitted winter wear

If you want to look presentable and more polished in your winter wear, your winter jackets and coats must be well-fitted. As oversized and bulky winter wear will make you look shapeless.

3) Choose the right colors

Colors play an important role in clothing. Choose the right colors for your winter wear. My suggestion is to go for neutral colors, like black, creme, grey, or camel colors. As these colors are classic and timeless and make your coat/jacket/sweater more versatile and chic. It’s just a suggestion, as you are the best judge for picking up the right colors and what goes with your skin tones and outfit decided. You are well aware of your wardrobe, so choose the color in accordance, with the colors you can wear with your maximum clothes.

4) Add on accessories to modify your look

Use your belts, gloves, scarfs, hats etc. as accessories to bring newness to your winter wear. If you wear the same coat or jacket almost every single day, obviously you get bored of the repeated look. You can bring variety in your look by adding accessories. For example if you put on a nice belt over your long jacket/coat, it defines your waist, gives you a chic look by making you look more presentable. A colorful scarf can lighten up your whole winter outfit, adding a winter hat or a beanie cap not only keep you warm but add glamour also to your look.

5) Take out your boots

Winters are the right time to take out your boots and pair them up with short dresses. In winters let the boots steal the limelight.

6) Pair up your sweaters in a stylish way

No doubt sweaters are the classic winter outfit. It complements almost all situations, whether social or official. You can pair a sweater with jeans for a casual look and combine it with pants for the formal one. 

I am somebody who loves winter and waits for it all year for the joy of wearing warm jackets and wearing fluffy soft slippers however not as good as a fashion influencer to dress up in my winter wear. I like to keep my winter wear simple and comfortable but not boring. I hope my simple fashion hacks don’t make a big hole ! in your wallet but make you look as beautiful as you truly are and keeps you as comfortable and warm as the winter keeps me to look elegant and the best of me in winters and with my warm winter wishes works for you to achieve your most unique and beautiful winter looks !

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