Desire to keep your fitness in check this winter? 6 tips to safeguard your health

We all enjoy the winter season. It is the most beautiful part of the year. Who doesn’t want to snuggle under the warmth of fluffy blankets and enjoy hot sips of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate in the cold?  The foggy mornings, the cold air, witnessing the morning dew on flowers, there are several trivial things that make winters special for us, isn’t it?

Safeguard your health

Winters are the perfect time for get togethers as it is the season for Christmas, New Year and lots of celebrations and parties.

But not to forget, winters are the transitional phase and cause several seasonal diseases, if proper precautions are not taken. During the winter season our body temperature decreases and the body undergoes thermoregulation in order to adjust to the new climate. 

Winter is the season to enhance immunity and nurture our body. Here in this blog I am going to discuss certain precautions and aspects to safeguard your healthy and fit during winters.

6 tips to safeguard your health

Safeguard your health
Safeguard your health

1. Physical activity

Some or the other physical activity is necessary. I know it’s a challenging task to adhere to an exercise routine in chilling winters. We all want to spend some extra time in the cozyness of blankets, but during winters exercise is important. Exercise helps you to stay warm and boost your immunity, in this way it is beneficial in fighting the seasonal flu and cold. If you feel reluctant and lethargic to do exercise during winters, try to find some other physical activity that you can enjoy. As long as you enjoy it and have fun doing it, you will be more likely to keep doing it.

2. Omega-3 enriched diet

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fat that our body can’t produce and we have to consume it through our diet. It is good for the health of the eyes, softens the skin during winters. Omega-3 fatty acids work as an anti-inflammatory and reduces the joint pain, stiffness of joints in winters. Omega-3 fatty acids help to keep body functions optimal and protect you from the high risk of seasonal flu and cold. Fish, eggs, kidney beans, soybeans, walnuts and flaxseeds are good sources of omega-3.

3. Enough vitamin D

People struggle to get enough vitamin D during winters, as skin is covered with thick woolens and you tend to stay indoors most of the time because of the harsh weather outside. Our body needs enough vitamin D for the absorption of calcium from our diet, and it is good for healthier gut microbes. Vitamin D also helps in building resistance to infections and inflammation. Whenever possible, get outside and make use of the sun rays. Make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D in your diet as well. Milk, mushrooms, eggs, orange juice, fatty fish and seafood are good sources of vitamin D.

4. Protein intake

Protein is a much needed macronutrient in winters. As it increases metabolic activities and digestive functioning during winters. According to thermogenesis studies, a protein rich diet will keep you three times warmer than any fat. So during winters have plentiful protein in your diet like nuts, seeds, dairy products, legumes etc. to keep you warm during the harsh winters.

5. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet

It is important to consume a healthy, balanced diet in winters, so that you don’t fall prey to seasonal flu and cold. In addition to this a healthy and balanced diet with appropriate amounts of carbohydrates, fats, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals helps your body to stay warm and fit. Have a meal consisting of seasonal vegetables and fruits, for robust immunity.

6. Beware of hygiene

Germs escalate during winters, that’s why being vigilant towards personal hygiene is the foremost thing. Make sure to wash your hands at regular intervals. In winters the temperature goes down, so we keep doors and windows closed most of the time. This causes an increase in microbes in the rooms, as these organisms multiply in damp and warm places. Leave the doors and windows open for some time regularly to let the clean and fresh air circulate into the room. And the best time is when the sun is out.

In this way by taking some extra care and precautions you can enjoy the winter season to the fullest, and safeguard your health.

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