Winters are around the corner! Implement these 10 ideas and your skin will love it

Winter is the most beautiful season, there’s no doubt about it. The days are shorter and the nights are longer, it’s the time to cuddle in warm blankets and put on fluffy woolen clothes. There’s nothing more comforting than to have a cup of hot tea, coffee or hot chocolate, when the cold winds are blowing in full swing outdoors.

Winters are around the corner, we already begin to sense it.

Seasons keep changing throughout the year, and taking care of skin is an important thing, especially during the winter season.

In winters the humidity and temperature level changes and it tends the skin to lose its moisture and become dry and flaky. It’s crucial to pay attention towards skin care routine and keep skin well moisturized.

In winters there is a sudden and major change in the temperature 

The sudden and significant change in temperature causes skin’s capillaries to contract. This is the reason why protecting skin against these environmental changes is an important thing.

During winters these skin conditions are being noticed

Skin conditions during winters
  1. Dryness
  2. Redness
  3. Acne
  4. Eczema
  5. Itchiness
  6. Chapping
  7. Rough skin texture
  8. Cracks in skin 

In order to have healthy and flawless skin throughout the year you have to change your skin care routine with the changing season.

Here I am suggesting a few ideas for prevention of skin from the impact of harsh weather conditions and keeping your skin happy and healthy during winter months.

Implement these 10 ideas and your skin will love it

1. Follow skincare routine

Enroot healthy skin care habits. You must regularly follow routine of Cleansing, toning and moisturizing

2. moisturizing is important

Keep your skin moisturized throughout the day as well as in night. Use good or appropriate moisturizer, that is gentle on skin and fragrance free. Cold air in harsh winters seize the moisture of face and other exposed areas like hands and feet. It will be a good idea to keep a bottle of moisturizer handy in your bag while stepping out.

3. Avoid hot and long showers

Avoid prolonged hot showers, instead prefer lukewarm baths. After every wash or bath apply moisturizer. As when you wash your face, hand or take bath it strips skin`s natural oils. This is the reason why using moisturizer just after wash is important to lock the moisture in the skin.

4. Hydration is important

Keep yourself hydrated, drink enough water and fluids throughout the day.

5. Use humidifier in your home

Use a humidifier, when we use a heater it sucks out all the moisture in the air and it results in skin dryness and irritation.

6. Careful while exfoliate

Gentle exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. My suggestion is to be cautious while using exfoliate during winters, as in winters your skin is dry and flaky, so it is better to use gentle chemical exfoliants. It is likely that the large particles of physical scrub may possibly break down skin’s moisture barrier and cause more damage. If your skin is cracked or irritated, it will be better to let your skin heal properly then go for exfoliation.

7. Never forget SPF

Don’t forget to use SPF, as in winters everybody likes to spend time outside on a sunny day and soak sun rays. It’s soothing but the ultra violet rays of the sun can cause damage to your skin. Make sure to apply a good quality sunscreen whenever you step out in the sun.

8. Healthy diet

Stick to a well balanced healthy diet, and incorporate omega3 and omega6 fatty acids rich diets

9. Protect all exposed skin areas

Along with the face, take care of the rest of the body. Use a good gentle moisturizer. Wear lip balm to protect the lips from cracking, and body lotion on your hands and feet, which also remain exposed.

10. Stay away from excess cleansing

Cleansing is important, but don’t overdo it as it rip-off skins natural moisture and make your skin rough and dry. Make sure to apply moisturizer after every wash.


This winter don’t surrender to the harsh climate, and just being of the opinion that dry skin is an inevitable thing. As you can maintain your skin`s health and keep it in good condition by consciously following these tips to avoid skin issues.

If you notice that instead of following all these tips your skin is not improving, it will be better to consult a dermatologist or healthcare provider for the treatment.

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