Afraid of Self-love? It’s an excellent mechanism, one can gift to oneself

Self-love is an excellent mechanism, one can gift to oneself

Self-love is the best thing one can give to oneself. The notion of self love turns up to affirm the happiness on the inside, that we can’t always rely on others for love. We know that everybody needs love and we all like to spread love. We voluntarily spend most of our energy on loving and taking care of others, but unfortunately we forget that the similar thing is applicable for us also.

Quite often we listened from self help gurus or influencers about self love, self acceptance. But do we really know or aware about what it is actually? 

Generally we misinterpret ourselves that if we attain a certain goal then only we can accept ourselves. To put it simply, accept yourself only when you’re perfect. This is not true, as self love means acknowledging your emotions. Give priority to your physical, mental and emotional well being. Self love is a state of acceptance for oneself either good or bad.

If self love comes into play in your life, you will never depend on others for your happiness.

Before you practice self love in your life it’s an important thing to understand what it means?

Self love means taking care of your own needs and not compromising your well being to please others.

Self love
Self love is best gift

There is a misconception that if you exercise self love in your life, it means you are selfish.

There is a delicate balance between self love and selfishness, which is usually baffling.

Self love is loving yourself with all the imperfections. It is the understanding of both the good and the bad aspects of yourself. It inspires you to do what is best for your well being. On the contrary, this selfishness always has higher expectations. A selfish person always wants to receive without giving. Their actions and decisions are always based on what they are getting from others.

Self love means taking care of your own needs and not compromising your well being to please others, having equivalent thoughts for others. Contrastingly selfish people don’t care about how others feel. They just want to live as they wish but want others to live according to their assumptions. 

Self love means respecting yourself along with others. But selfish people don’t have similar feelings for others.

Why is self love important?

It’s difficult to truly love someone if you don’t love yourself. As if you love yourself you will have more love to give others. Self love is an important step towards any relationship.

  • Self love enhances self confidence.
  • It amplifies your happiness and satisfaction level.
  • You become more optimistic about life.
  • You become capable of giving more love to others.
  • Self love imparts a good impact on your overall well being. When you love yourself it brings about self respect which aids in psychological health. In the similar pattern self love is good for mental health. As when you love yourself, you practice self acceptance. This self acceptance brings mental peace as now you are less stressed.
  • Self love makes you more disciplined. It inspires you to do what is best for you and your body. It motivates you to reduce weight and lead a stronger, healthier and more relevant life.

What to do to get this favorable virtue:

  • First and foremost forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made in the past. Accept it and take responsibility for it and allow yourself to move on.
  • Understand and accept that there is nothing like perfect or perfection, learn to accept flaws.
  • Compliment yourself and stop comparing yourself to others.
  • Give yourself a priority, don’t suppress sadness or negative thoughts instead have positive self talk.
  • Uplift yourself by showing kindness, appreciation and understanding when you are struggling or going through rough phase in life.
  • Practice mindfulness, as it will assist you to accept yourself without judgement.

Self-love is a considerable experience. It’s a secret key to contentment and ecstasy. You can easily endure hardships with the practice of self-love. As when you love yourself, you won’t compare yourself to others and become less stressed. 

It is crucial to recognize that self-love is not selfishness. You can’t love someone truly until you don’t know how to love yourself.

Don’t forget to be nice to yourself.🙂

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