Summer fruit ‘Mangoes’ have irresistible taste, Do they have health benefits too?

Summer fruit ‘Mangoes’ are not just tasty, they’ve Incredible health benefits

The first thing that comes to our mind while going through the blazing days of summer is undoubtedly the super summer fruit ‘Mangoes’, isn’t it?

India is the largest producer of mango. European countries look-up to us for it, as the scorching hot summer is hard to get there. We are lucky enough as our country is bestowed with a huge variety of mangoes. Across the country we get different aromas, textures and tastes.

Mangoes are deeply connected to everyone’s childhood memories of good times. Mangoes were an inseparable part of summer vacations, as we all have childhood memories of going around with mangoes.

Children adore summer time the most, on the whole for two reasons : 

  • First and foremost it’s vacation time.
  • It’s time to gorge on mangoes!!!

But when we set foot in adulthood, we get down to shun this reminisce and cherished fruit.

As mangoes are ill- famed for weight gain. Mango can be the cause of weight gain if you have it in a form of ice-cream, aamras, milk-shake, mango pie like things which have added sugar.

Instead of all these if you consume it in its unprocessed form, without added sugar, it aids in weight loss. As it has bioactive compounds and phytochemicals which help to suppress fat cells.

Who says mango is ordinary, mango is a extraordinary fruit

Summer fruit 'Mangoes' are not just tasty, they've Incredible health benefits too
Summer fruit Mango

Five Mango fruits Benefits for Health

  1. Beneficial for women
  2. Good for weight loss
  3. Good for digestion
  4. Aid heart health
  5. Full of nutrients

Beneficial for women

Mangoes are a nourishing fruit for all and especially for women. As it helps to :

  • Fight PCOS
  • Benefits menopausal women
  • Suppress ovarian cancer
  • Subdude the risk of breast cancer
  • Good for skin, as mangoes have a protective effect from UV rays. It helps in reducing skin aging and is helpful in building up collagen.
  • Helpful during periods-natural sugar in  mangoes aid in reducing bloating. Mangoes are rich in water so helps to fight dehydration during periods.

Good for weight loss

Mangoes are high in water and dietary fibre which can help you to stay feeling fuller for long. Restrain yourself to go overboard as mangoes are high in sugar, so don’t add on more sugar.

Good for digestion

Mangoes are high in water and dietary fibre, that’s why good for digestion. Its consumption can aid to avoid constipation. Amylase compounds in mangoes can help dissolve other food in the stomach, breaking down the difficult starches. 

Aid heart health

Magnesium and potassium in mangoes helps to manage a regular blood flow and regulates pulse. Mangiferin, a compound in mango is helpful in reducing inflammation of the heart.

Full of nutrients:

Mangoes are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. A good source of vitamin A, C,K, potassium and magnesium. Mangoes are rich in vitamin C, which plays an important role in skin health as it helps to reduce the signs of ageing.

Type of Mangoes

Mango VarietiesHighlights
Alphonse MangoesThis Indian mango has a moderate flavour and firm flesh that ranges in colour from purple to yellow. It is rectangular in shape and has a purple to yellow skin colour.
Edward MangoesThis fiber-free, sweet and tangy-flavored mango comes in a variety of colours and shapes, ranging from pink to yellow.
Kesar MangoesThis Indian variety is a fiber-free sweet mango with a round shape and a colour range of green to yellow.
Manila mangoesThis fiber-free delicious mango has a thin form and can range in hue from orange to yellow to pink.
Palmer MangoesThis mild-flavored, firm-fleshed mango comes in a variety of colours, from purple to red to yellow, and has an oblong form.
source – statustornado

We cannot get mangoes throughout the year, as they’re seasonal fruit. Hence we must make mangoes part of our diet as long as they’re in season.

This summer let’s eat mangoes but of course in moderation.😊

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