Feast yourself this Navaratri, by giving a Nutritious twist to your Navaratri fasting meal.

It is an auspicious occasion and we all rejoice this festivity with fervor. It’s a time of spiritual awakening. There is a profound connection between fasting and these nine auspicious days of Navaratri. Nearly all are observing Navaratri fasting during these felicitous days according to their competency. Just like fasting edify and elevate our soul, it safeguard our health also.

Feast yourself this Navaratri

Navaratri fasting is a way to get your body clear from toxins and increase the metabolism and immunity. It is important to keep your gut light and healthy in order to achieve this.

Generally it is observed that in the name of fasting people indulge in too much fried, salty and sugary foods and do more harm to their health than good. Fasting will be prolific when you do it with the right kind of food. It’s important to keep a track on your fasting meals. Here I am putting forward some healthy options for fasting meals.

Give a healthy twist to your fasting meal. While on fasting instead of gorge on packaged chips or deep fried stuffs it will be healthier to eat up ghee roasted Makhana or Peanuts as these are far more healthy than the processed food items. 

Navaratri fasting
Navaratri fasting choices

Best choices for Navaratri fasting

Ghee Roasted Makhana (Lotus seed/Fox seeds) with rock salt & grounded black pepper : It’s a perfect and healthy snacks. It is always a better option to have this than the fried snacks or packaged chips, as these are just empty calories with no nutritional value at all. Makhana is low in calories, cholesterol and sodium, and rich in magnesium, potassium, manganese, phosphorus and protein.

Roasted Peanuts : peanuts are an excellent plant based source of protein. It is rich in iron, calcium,magnesium and vitamin B6. Peanuts are high in calories, that’s why it is sensible to eat it in moderation.

Sabudana khichdi and tikki can be a wholesome fasting meal, as they have boiled potatoes and roasted peanuts in it. Instead of deep frying tikkis, it is preferable to shallow fry them on tawa or pan.

Kuttu cheela or falahari cheela: it is a traditional Indian fasting meal. It is very quick and easy to make besides being super healthy gluten free food. You can serve it with fresh coriander chutney, cucumber raita or just curd.

Fruits with hung curd : it can be a delicious, healthy and filling meal during fasting. Just add fruits of your choice or availability with hung curd and honey and relish this tasty dish. Hung curd can be easily prepared at home by hanging curd in a muslin cloth for a couple of hours, to give you a feel of Fruit Cream Bowl but with a Nutritious twist.

If you have a sweet tooth no need to crack it down. You can swipe the sugar in your desserts with jaggery. During fasting you can’t have rice kheer or whole wheat flour halwa as rice and wheat are restricted during these days. Even than there are so many healthy options for sweet lovers for instance: 

Sweet potato with jaggery and milk : My personal favorite, sweet potato is nutrient-dense and energy giving veggie. It is rich in antioxidants that boost immunity. It is good source of fiber and vitamin A, C and B6. 

Beetroot Halwa : Beet root is a great source of fiber, folate (vitamin B9), manganese, potassium, iron, and vitamin C. Hence during fasting it can filling and satisfying.

Sabudana Kheer – A traditional fasting desert, Sabudana has starch which functions like fibre in the digestive system and improves gut health. Sabudana is gluten free, promotes strong bones, it has minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Carrot/Lauki Halwa – A feast to your tongue in every function. By replacing sugar with jaggery this Navaratri will be a healthy change. 

Apple Kheer – An apple a day keeps a doctor away, but many times this routine becomes quite boring, but having apple kheer will give nutritious and tasty twist to your taste palette.

Seasonal Fruits – Hunger pangs are quenched by having seasonal fruits Apple, Pomegranate, Orange, Kiwi, as their water content is high and rich in Vitamin.

With these choices you don’t have to shun your sweet desires, rather you can relish the sweetness but in a nutritious way with the sweetness of jaggery and fruits.

Disclaimer – Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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