Don’t be Fussy 🤔 Losing weight and counting calories is not the whole and sole purpose of your life

Pandemic has bombarded us with so many adversities. One among them is increasing weight. It is niggling for anyone to see their wider or heavier version in the mirror.

Losing weight and counting calories is not the only purpose of life

Now it’s a high time to redefine your body goals. But before embarking on this expedition, keep one thing in mind that you have to accept the change and not to be so harsh on yourself.

Just losing weight and counting calories is not the whole and sole purpose of your life. You surely are destined for something much greater, isn’t it?

As it is crucial to remain in a positive state of mind if you want to shed off extra kilos, but in a healthy way. Because hastened weight loss can affect your overall health in the long run. As you may confront skin issues, hair fall, hormonal imbalance etc.

Losing weight is important but more important is losing it in a healthy way, because then only it is sustainable.

First of all, pacify yourself and pat your back that ‘You are surviving a global pandemic.’ As nowadays waking up healthy the next day is a biggest blessing in itself.

“Health is not about the weight you lose. It’s about the life you gain.”

What you can do to stay healthy, active without making any fuss?

Easy tips to lose weight
Easy tips to lose weight
  1. Stick to a home cooked meal.
  2. Include all seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  3. Try to stay active at home, do household chores.
  4. Stop feeling guilty while indulging in your cravings, instead try to practice moderation (eat what you crave for, but keep a check on the quantity)
  5. Cut out processed foods, as they are high in sugar, sodium, fat and calories. People opt for these packed snacks as they are convenient. But for healthy weight loss do healthy snacking. Stop keeping packaged snacks at home or in your office drawer.
  6. Positive changes start with a positive mind frame, so try to shun the conversations about your bodily changes such as ‘Oh!! you have gained weight’ or ‘You look skinnier than before’. Discuss all these things with the right person “Your Doctor”.
  7. Listen to music, refresh your mind, dance and most importantly always think positive.
  8. Do regular exercise, yoga or any physical activity.
  9. Have enough sleep
  10. Keep yourself hydrated through out the day.

Important fact that You should know about losing weight is that, it should be Healthy and in Positive way.

Confident women in style
Confident women in style

Don’t let your weight over shadow your personality. As it’s not just your weight, which defines your overall personality. Weight loss is needed, as it’s a hindrance to healthy living and not because it’s a requirement, as it makes fashion choices difficult.

It is important to be happy with yourself, so relax!!! and carry your outfits with elan.

No matter what’s your size and weight is, if you are confident with who you are, you will be beautiful. As confidence makes you beautiful and not the size of your waistline.

Love yourself as you are and stay in style, as style has no size.

Whenever you step out, flaunt your confidence and don’t shy away thinking that you don’t have conventional body type. Try different styles to find out what suits you pleasingly. As style has no size, and your size doesn’t define your beauty.

Disclaimer – Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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