It is Good to look beautiful ❤️ but it is more Beautiful to be good from heart ❤️

It’s fairly connate in humans to get attracted to apparent outer beauty. But it is also beyond doubt that you will disregard a person’s pretty looks but there are more possibilities that the person with most beautiful heart and soul will make an everlasting impact on you indelibly.

It is Good to look beautiful

By all means it’s a matter of perspective. For some impeccable looks with dazzling eyes, skinny body and luscious locks makes one beautiful, where as for some the one who’s heart is full of love and compassion is the most beautiful person. It would be better to look for beautiful heart rather than beautiful face. As ostensibly, beautiful person is good, but undeniably a good human is always beautiful.


This whole world is in incarceration of beauty but sometimes I thinks, What is beauty? I call on many, and excerpt that it’s a feeling of pleasure or ecstasy to your senses. The aura of someone which emits arrant happiness, that person seems enticing to you.

This concept of beauty and its supremacy on others has been argued among all cultures throughout the whole human history. Beauty has charismatic and mysterious effect on humans, and this is quite evident in the tales tough to us from the childhood. The influence of beauty is visible in marriages, politics or social status of peoples’.

Beauty doesn’t exist, it is created by the observer. “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” This prose is a paraphrase of a statement by Greek philosopher Plato. The more the observer is beautiful inside the more beauty one can perceive.

Everyone has distinct propensity or definition of what is beautiful. The thing which is full of absolute beauty for you, is not at all gratifying for others. A mathematician found beauty in mathematical theories and problems, an artist seeks beauty in exquisite work of art, just like that books are the most beautiful thing for an assiduous reader. For parents their children are the most beautiful beings, no matter how prosaic they are for others. As children are their genetically, nurturing child is a prolong and meticulous process. Parents see their child as their ‘best version’.

Fortuitously if you look good, God imparts you beautiful face, skin or well build physic, these all are bounties from the benevolent God nothing to do with your calibre. On contrary to this if you have a beautiful heart to see good in others, it`s your attribute.

Your good looks will curtail with time, but the goodness of your heart remains with you forever. It is quite possible that the impression of a good looking person would erased from your mind, but there are more possibilities that you would keep thinking back to the person with most beautiful heart and soul.

Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty – they merely move it from their faces into their hearts

Martin Buxbaum

Its a substantiated fact that looks fade as time ticks away. No one stays young forever, as beauty is mortal. True beauty is skin deep infect, I would say soul deep.


No doubt a person with good looks is appreciated by one and all, he or she will be the center of attraction in any public gathering with in no time. As attractive people are feast for the eyes. Everyone praise them for their good looking appearance. But is it right to judge a person by his looks or by the color of his skin?

Someone with a modest appearance can be a much better human than a good looking one.

True beauty lies in the goodness of the character and not in physical beauty. If you respect others irrespective of their social status, talks politely even with the proletariat than you deserve to be called beautiful in the true sense.

A kind hearted person reveals his inner beauty by showering his love and affection on others. If you have the courage to face the adversities of life, you are beautiful from with in. If you can empathise with others, you are far more beautiful than the most beautiful looking person in the world.


Virtues are predominant in relationships rather than appearance. A successful marriage is a suitable example of this fact. A marriage is successful if both the husband and the wife share mutual understanding, respect each other and a marriage is bound to be a failure if there is no compatibility among them, no matter how good looking they are. Their good looks will prove futile to save their marriage. That`s the reason the elderly ones in the family are always proponent of looking for the characteristic goodness. So marriage, relationship, true love all these are result of the bonding, understanding two people share with each other rather than good looks


We all are very well aware of the saying

“don`t judge a book by its cover”

But unfortunately we all are very quick to make our opinions about someone on the basis of their appearance. Rather than judging someone on their physical appearance it will be far more better if we shift our focus towards their personality, intelligence, integrity and politeness.

Humble and modest person wins the heart of everyone. People remember you for what you do, and not for how good looking you are.

Outer appearance do matter, but they are secondary to a beautiful soul.

“Outer beauty attracts, but Inner beauty captivates.”

Kate Angell

Lets inspire ourselves to be more beautiful in our gestures and utterances, rather than just our looks.

If you don’t find yourself with impeccable looks, it doesn’t matter much in real life, just be honest with your deeds. People around you will eventually acknowledge you when they realize your integrity. As it is said “It is Good to look beautiful but it is more Beautiful to be Good”

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