Surreal power of books that can blow your mind…

Surreal power of Books

Surreal power of books that can blow your mind…

I am a assiduous reader. Reading bestows vast arena of knowledge. Just like good friends, books also enrich your thoughts, widen your world views. Books have a magical power to carried you away with it. It cheer up your mood, sometimes make you laugh out loud and sometimes soothe your soul.

There is no Friend as loyal as a book

by Ernest Hemingway

Accompaniment of books is worth while, it is not always possible to have your bestie by your side when ever you stuck in some boring place, which you are not enjoying at all.

Books are always available for you, you can travel with them. One of the good traits of books is that it never be judgmental, rather gives answer to your questions. You feel innermost emotions in books, as writers pen them down effortlessly. Books provide companionship in our best or worst time.

Off and on, my Hubby (who is gadget freak) tires to persuade me to buy a Kindle or some electronics device to quench my craving of reading books. He explains a hell of a lot of benefits of ebooks, and I know is equitable. I am still old school when it comes to the books, and prefer to buy it from book stores and visit library. My books collection at home backing me contentment.

Books stir up empathetic feelings in us, as when we gets engaged with the fictitious characters, we begin to understand their situation. Unequivocally books leave a strong impact on your amplitude to empathise with people. They have a surreal power to deluge your imagination. Books act as a gate that open the doors to a dream world, far from the reality.

I resonate with this fully. Books actually have the potency to evoke your emotions, plugged you in to the things with which you were totally heedless.

Books serve to show a man that those original thoughts of his aren’t very new after all.

by Abraham Lincoln

Here I’m going to delineate my such encounter. Few months back, I came across a book ‘The Kite Runner‘ by ‘Khaled Husseini‘. This book cast a long lasting impact on me.

The story of this novel is based on the time when Soviet Union’s attacks on Afghanistan were rampant and Taliban regime was rising. Before this book happened to me, Afghanistan was an unknown territory for me. This book gave me a new perspective towards Afghanistan and it’s people.

I recall many a times while reading this novel how I got fascinated by their saffron laden fields, their Pashtun idiosyncrasy. Earlier I never get a load of it, but Now for me Afghanistan is not just Taliban’s terrorism stuck place. I got mesmerized by this place completely after reading this captivating book.

The author of this devastating masterpiece was born in Kabul, after wards moved to U.S.A. This novel is his first venture, an international best seller. This novel has been published in 34 countries. As readers world wide irrespective of their culture,racial, religion and gender gaps comply with his writing.

The story line of this book is based on friendship, betrayal, guilt and redemption.

Theme of guilt and redemption prominently prevailed in the book. The uncanny friendship between Amir and Hassan ended because of the episode where Amir fails to prevent Hassan against the sexual assault. That episode changed their relationship, their life downright.

Soon after this unfortunate episode Russian invasion compels Amir’s family to move to America. After many years Amir return to seek redemption.

I’m totally smitten by this book, and put forward it to you all. If you have not yet been read it, please give it a try. I am sure it will enkindle your emotions too just as it did mine.

I became a huge admirer of ‘Khaled Husseini’ after this book, so much amazed by his work, it was obvious that I moved forward to read his next master stroke ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns‘. This time also he make his mark with his penchant enthralling story telling.

I pin hopes that you also revel these masterpieces. Please do let me know your take on it. Let me know your experiences with your favourite books, which sensitised you.

10 thoughts on “Surreal power of books that can blow your mind…

  1. A huge Khaled Hussaini fan !! Love how he brings the culture so truly. Love your work! Love how your experience is so realistic.

  2. Absolutely! After reading authors with such great stories you never forget those terrors, moment’s of joy and more importantly the imagination you take with those tales the writer gives, never fail to look out for things similar I see here and there that were mentioned in the book aswell!!

  3. Great Bittu. I recall reading this book on my last Pune Visit. Certainly my feelings are in resonance with yours.
    Books are best friends no doubt. You know me used to be a voracious reader once, later due to this N that the frequency of reading diminished to very low level, but as you know I kept buying books regularly over the years, haven’t read more than 20 percent of my purchase, will leave all my books in WILL for you 🙂 Coincidentally half an hour ago I ordered online Reders Digest Encyclopaedic Dictionary 3 volumes. You might be knowing that during my college days I kept these from library, but deposited on retirement, tried as best as I can to buy as personal asset, but it was always out of print. But today I got hold of it at Amazon. 30,000 worth volumes at mere 8200. Love it.
    Along with the book you mntnd I went through ALCHEMIST from your collection. Hv heared a lot but could go through while in Pune with you. It’s outstanding too. Do tc. Love U beta ❤️ God bless. Nice write up 👌 . keep it up.

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