Let these Amazing Eyes do the Talking – 5 ways to enrich the looks of your eyes

Slowly state governments are opening Shopping malls and non-essential shops after observing decline in Covid cases. As it was my prolonged wish to visit a mall, considering all safety guidelines I stopped by one.

It amuses me sometimes, how my eyes behave like a scanner when I am surrounded by anonymous. Ingrained with this eerie habit of mine, whenever I stepped out nowadays, everywhere I spot mask cladded faces. As most of the face is hidden, because of the mask, my attention automatically dragged towards their eyes.

Eyes are the most beautiful features of face. Someone says – “The eyes tell more then words could ever say”. How true it is, isn’t it?

Let these Amazing Eyes do the Talking

I personally was more inclined towards lip glosses and lipsticks. Their vibrant colors allured me more than any other beauty product. I was so much fascinated by these lip-colors that if someone (very rarely) or my Husband once in a blue moon asked me to choose any gift of my choice, undoubtedly it was a lipstick.

But because of this new normal (mask clad face) my obsession for lipsticks took a back seat. Presently the center of attraction is the radiant eyes.

We all know very well, that world best beauty products companies are struggling to sell their products, but still hopeful that things will come to near to normal very soon. US has already announced no mask need incase you fully vaccinated. Thought Israel, New Zeeland, Bhutan are of the countries who are almost mask free. I am sure many countries wants to follow them and allow their citizen to live mask free life, God only know when this will happen, but everyone of us is praying for the same. One thing which is very sure, citizens of these countries have shown lot of maturity in cooperating with governments and emphasis on bringing back normalcy in their day to day life.

God’s precious gift, which we got are our two twinkling eyes and they’re the most delicate one too. That’s why it’s necessary to take good care of them.

Not only girls, boys also want those flirty eyes to flaunt. To achieve this they have to be cautious with the skin around their eyes. As it is the most delicate one.

Under eye cream :

Using under eye cream will be a good option. Theses creams have moisturizing as well as anti aging properties, which helps to prevent puffiness and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Protect eyes from sunlight :

Intense Ultraviolet rays can harm your eyes, as it can damage sensitive cells in the eyes, eventually affecting the vision.

Make sure that you have a pair of UV protected sunglasses with you while going out doors.

Proper Sleep :

Not getting proper sleep leads to receded blood flow, as a result of this eyes become swollen or puffy.

Try to take at least 6 to 7 hours sleep each night.

Dark Circles: Some times dark circles are hereditary which is beyond our control. Another reasons for it are:

  • Lack of sleep:
  • Aging
  • Dehydration
  • Heavy drinking and smoking

Try to curb these things, take restful sleep of 7+ hours, drink 7-8 glasses of water every single day and stay away from excessive smoking and drinking.

Girls have a few more options to enhance the beauty of their eyes.

Now so many brands provide convenient eyeliner pencils, kohls, kajal pencils. So if your hands are also not free flowing like mine with eye liner brush or liquid eye liner, these pencils(sticks) are the better option. Its not that much difficult to do make-up for eyes as I assumed earlier.

To enrich the looks of your eyes, here is the list of few makeup products:

1. Kalaj

Kajal is most ancient and effective eye makeup. It is known as kohl and soorma also in India. The term’ kohl’ has been derived from Arabic name ‘Kuhl’. Though it`s name has arabic origin, kajal was first used by the ancient Egyptians. As it was their believe that kajal could protect the eyes from the harsh sun rays. It is the most effective and easy to use make-up product for eyes even in current times too.. Just one stroke of kajal immediately brighten up and give definition to your eyes.

2. Eye Liner

It is the most common and important things when it come to the eye make-up. Just like kajal it was also emerged thousands of years ago. Ancient egyptian men and women of high status wore it define their eyes and protect eyes from the desert heat. It was out of trend after the decline of Egyptian Empire but it made its way back in 1920s in European countries.

There are different varities of eye liner available in market such as

  • Liquid eye liner
  • Gel eye liner
  • Eye liner Pens

If you are new bee, it can be little bit difficult to apply at first, but its not that difficult to master this art. Once your get the hang-off it, than you can’t stay away from it. Eye liner is a great ways to enhance and define your eyes.

3. Mascara

A coat or two of good volumizing mascara is the easiest and simplest way to open up your eyes and make them look bigger.

4. Eyebrow Pencil

It is the most distinctive eye make-up product. It define your features and take years off your face. But be mindful while choosing an eyebrow pencil, always go for one shade lighter than your original braves for a natural look.

5. Eye Shadow

It is not the most important eye make-up product for the Women, who barely spend 5 mins on their make-up but it’s a multipurpose products indeed.

A neutral eye shadow palette can be used to contovr and to fill in the brows as well. It can give a stunning look to your eyes.

Smile with lips…is ordinary

Try to smile with Eyes


While applying make up on eyes, it is requisite to go along with hygiene measures.
Now you are ready to steal the show with your bold looks.

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