What you are Striving for Waistline or Lifeline ?

Whenever you notice anyone, consciously or unconsciously your attention goes towards their waistline. I am sure most of you will relate to this thinking process? Slim person is generally considered healthy, which is not always true.

Your health depends on inner strength and a strong immune system.

Waistline or lifeline

Throughout our lifespan, increasing waistline or weight, keeps lingering at the back of the mind. We invested so much in these things that we hardly have any time to scrutinize our inner health or immunity. It’s perfectly alright to thrive for a well sculpted body, but propitiously be mindful for your core health simultaneously.

In today’s lifestyle where we spend endless hours scrolling through picture-perfect celeb photographs, watch influencers telling us a million things and products to achieve a perfect lifestyle and appearance like them. Though in reality, we saw the B-town celebs who follows these methods and endorse them are getting affected. All our perfect body role models also failed against the virus.

The thing which is of grave importance(our health), gets least priority simply because of

  • Hectic work lifestyle
  • Ignorance towards health
  • Influence of social media

These factors in the long run turns into stress, various illnesses which ultimately affect your other aspects of life such as studies or career. Hence, your health should be the top-most priority, to achieve all desired goals rather than achieving a perfect waist line.

In the midst of the pandemic, we bear out the importance of inner strength, and up to the mark immunity over the insignificance of a picture perfect body. Now we are more conscious about our wellbeing, So let’s do a much required reality check on benefits of these mantras suggested by our dear influencers in your current Covid-19 affected lifestyle.

In this race of achieving a perfect waistline or a size zero figure, it is crucial to achieve balance between your traditional and newly acquired lifestyle. I am in accordance with Rujuta Diwekar’s book ‘Don’t loose your mind, loose your weight’. Lets not forget the healthy mantras taught to us by our Nani’s and Dadi’s and ofcourse from our mother’s kitchen. I myself prefer a humble ‘Thali’ with Bhakri & Bhaji rather than some fancy salad with avocado or exotic veggies. An Amala is more sustainable and cost-effective than an avocado.

Ways to achieve healthy body in true sense

Since our current situation restricts us from stepping out, but our spirit and determination for fitness shall not go down. Simple methods like :


One could never go wrong, when one makes use of this ancient practice of exercising ‘yoga’, which has proven to have endless benefits to offer for your body and mind. It requires nothing more than a simple yoga mat and regularity. Many of us have already experienced the benefits of this ancient practice and now world is also following it.


women making dough on chopping board on table
Photo by Katerina Holmes on Pexels.com

It is better to achieve Slow and steady immunity through humble vegetables and fruits than fast and furious health supplements. Veggies have enough power for healthy immunity naturally.
Foods which are grown in our country are equally nutritious comparing with famous foreign foods. The famous celebs who endorse supplements, in reality they themselves prefer home cooked or balanced food loaded with seasonal veggies.

In single day we can’t achieve everything. Start with simple steps, try to curb the inclination of eating out frequently.


There is a flood of methods on Internet for achieving healthy body. Don’t follow any method blindly, it could cost more harm than good to your body. Apply methods on yourself that suit you the best. It’s smarter to be consistent, in long long run which brings healthy results than to trying short cuts which bring nothing but harm. This tough time has taught us that immunity is your key to protection, not a perfect shaped body.



It’s crucial to keep a check on your eating schedule and your bed timings. This balances your hormonal cycle necessary for your proper internal body functions which also saves you from various other illnesses.

  • take a complete 7-8 hours sleep,
  • be cautious of your salt and sugar intakes, limit your screen time before hitting the bed.
  • Drinking adequate water

Your goal must be to bring discipline in your lifestyle, as this is your best way and answer for a goal to achieve.

Such simple changes can do wonders to you and help you achieve your healthy and fit body goals. A bit of caution and discipline towards your lifestyle for sure brings you a positive and sustainable change that not only keeps you healthy and happy, but also strong and fit to face any challenges. Covid-19 crisis has taught us that strong immunity can save you not a picture perfect body.

Waistline or lifeline

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Life is precious and lets keep it simple by not making a fuzz for a perfect shaped body. Being happy is also a sign of good health. We’re already quite frustrated and stressed with the sudden changes, switching to a positive mindset will help us to achieve our health goals.





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