About me

Alka Vyas

She is a lifestyle, wellness, and health influencer. Earlier, she was focusing more on Facebook, but later she planned to reach about wider audience using sensicalblogs. After having postpartum weight gain, she has been striving to reclaiming her original shape and overall wellness.

She started writing about variety of lifestyle, wellness and fashion topics, including gut and hormonal health, nutrition, beauty, mental health, and relationships.

Alka, fueled by her passion for Reading and Blogging. Alka is Masters in English Literature, Diploma in Nutrition, and certificated Content writer. Apart from her regular work schedule, she loves to travel and explore delicious cuisines. Regular in practicing Yoga, an enthusiast Zumba lover, and enjoy gossiping on every walk of life.

She is working as a freelance Blogger and is always interested in doing research for topics related to Health, Nutrition, beauty and fashion. Reach out to her for any queries.

The goal through these blogs not to provide any medical advice, but to inform you and share inspiring resource for a healthy and fulfilling life.

Feel free to share your queries, comments at sensicalblogs@gmail.com.

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