7 hassle free ways to detoxify yourself after festivities

Detoxify after festivals

India is a land of festivals. We celebrate festivities consecutively throughout the year. Festivals are the time for celebration and meeting family and friends, these are the much needed break from the stressful routine. Detoxify yourself along with celebration is also essential.

Food and sweets are the most important part of the festivals. As food unites and strengthens our bonding with others. Every festival has a special mouth watering and lavish delicacy associated with it. Be it Ganesh Chaturthi, Navaratri, Dusherra, Diwali, Christmas…and so on.

Sweets are the intimate part of festivals. All celebrations are incomplete without sweets. Sweetness symbolizes goodness, gratification and boon. Sweets are the token of love or a gesture of greeting others. Sweets are the token of happiness that we share with our near and dear ones. This is the reason why we can’t skip sweets during festivities.

Admitting the fact, your body become saturated with calories and toxins because of the binge eating during festivals. It impacts your gut health and as a result, you experience bloating and indigestion. It is crucial to stay mindful after enjoying festivities.

In this blog I am sharing some tips to detoxify. As a first step to embark on detoxification, try to come back to your normal routine. Resume exercise and control your diet, but bear one thing in mind that don’t go overboard. Take it easy while getting back on track after festivities. 

Detoxification can be helpful to flush out toxins from the body.

I am sure you all also look for some kind of detoxification after celebrations. As nowadays detoxification is more important after festivities as compared to earlier days. Today people have poor digestive systems and metabolism, because of their sedentary lifestyles, desk jobs when most of the time is spent sitting in front of the screen.

Benefits of detoxification:

  1. Aids in weight loss
  2. Improves digestion
  3. Helps to lead a healthier lifestyle
  4. Boosts immunity system
  5. Reduces inflammation
  6. Brings hormonal balance
  7. Increases energy level
  8. Imparts beautiful skin

You don’t need a rigorous process to detoxify. Our body can naturally do the detox process. You can easily detox yourself by following simple steps.

Detoxify yourself
Detoxify yourself

7 hassle free ways to detoxify yourself-

  1. Hydration: drinking enough water can be helpful in detoxification. Adequate amount of fluids in the body helps to flush out the toxins. Consumption of fried food can lead to dehydration, that’s why having enough fluids can safeguard you from the problem. Consuming lukewarm water with lemon juice in the morning without adding sugar helps to detox rapidly.
  2. Have healthy home cooked meals: eating balanced home cooked meals after festivities is healthful. After the indulgence in sweets and heavy meals during festivals our body needs time to recover. It is favorable to stick to home cooked fresh and healthy meals and stay away from sweets and packaged food .
  3. Consume fibrous food: fiber is a natural detoxifying agent. It will be beneficial to add more fiber in your diet to detoxify your digestive system. Consume salads, sprouts and leave vegetables in your diets.
  4. Exercise: it’s an excellent way to detox yourself. Exercise activates the natural detox process in the body and helps to maintain kidney and liver health. Regular exercising increases the body’s circulation of lymph fluid and helps in flushing out toxins efficiently.
  5. Never skip meals: sometimes we skip our meals to control our calorie intake, but this practice will do more harm than good to your body. I would suggest avoiding prolonged gaps between meals, so that you can not consume unhealthy foods. As if you skip meals you crave more to eat again and again and eat more junk food.
  6. Eat home cooked healthy food: during celebrations dining out, gorging on sweets and fried food is more frequent. All these festive delicacies are high in salt, sugar and fat contents. That’s why after all these feasting, the body needs time to recover, home cooked healthy meals are an effective option for detox.
  7. Keep a check on portion: on any account portion control is a better option in comparison to dieting. It helps in digestion of food and weight control.  You can keep a check on calorie intake while eating healthy meals without starving. Portion control means eating smart by eating healthy and fewer calories without feeling hunger pangs.

You don’t require drastic lifestyle changes, restrictive eating patterns and strenuous exercises to detoxify your body. You can easily achieve this by rehydrating yourself, feeding yourself nutritional home cooked meals and light exercises, morning or evening walks. In this way without following any harsh or rigorous detox regimen you can easily detox yourself in a healthier way.

Disclaimer – Always consult a specialist or your own family doctor for more information.

I hope you find the blog useful, do share your thoughts/comments in ‘Leave a reply’ box below.

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