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Are you aware Prolonged sitting increases the risk of chronic health issues?

Nowadays life is excessively convenient, everything which you need or want to do is in your arm’s reach. There is no doubt that technology has upgraded all aspects of our life. Advancement of technology has changed the routine of the modern generation, we can’t imagine life without gadgets. We are surrounded by smart devices, at home we ask for the assistance of ‘Alexa’ for everything, even for turning the fan switch on or off. We all google anything or everything we want.

Undoubtedly technology has upraised our lives, but don’t you think it has made our lifestyle sedentary?

As in these days, a sedentary lifestyle is becoming a proclaimed health issue. People are spending more time sitting rather than standing, walking and exercising. This is the reason why Sitting is a new smoking, is a new slogan of the current time. As sitting is one of the prominent threats to your health and it can have an equivalent impact on your health as smoking. 

A study has been conducted by Pub Med Central regarding ” adverse Effects of Prolonged Sitting Behavior on the General Health of Office Workers”. The respondents spent an average of 6.29 hours of an 8-hour working shift in a sitting position. The results showed that 48.8% of the participants did not feel comfortable with their workstations and 73.6% felt exhausted during the workday. Additionally, 6.3% suffered from hypertension, and 11.2% of them reported hyperlipidemia. The results of the NMQ showed that neck (53.5%), lower back (53.2%) and shoulder (51.6%) symptoms were the most prevalent problem among office workers.

People who spend more time sitting are more prone to the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes like threatening diseases in comparison to those who are physically active throughout the day.

Sitting for long hours increases the risk of health problems

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Anxiety and depression like mental issues
  • Varicose veins (sitting too long can cause blood to pool in your legs)
  • Stiffness in neck and shoulders

Long sitting could shorten your life. Moving and being active throughout the day will keep you charged.

People give excuses that they do gyming or exercising daily, but this will not help if you spend the rest of your day just sitting. 

What to do to prevent this problem?

For some people sitting for several hours is unavoidable. They have to sit in front of a computer, or have long meetings, as it is part of their job. Whatever be the scenario, keep remember, movement is necessary. Sitting for extended periods compresses internal organs.

Keep a check on Prolonged sitting, by adopting these 10 strategies

Prolonged sitting
Strategies to avoid prolonged sitting
  1. After every 30-40 minutes get up from your seat, walk a little, strech a little for a couple of times, it will make a difference.
  2. If you are in the office and can’t get up from your chair, in that case do streching on your chair.
  3. Sit in the right posture, keeping your spine straight.
  4. You can also work on laptop/computer At Standing Desk
  5. Try to use stairs whenever it is possible for you.
  6. While on a phone call, try not to attend it sitting, stand up and walk.
  7. At home avoid sitting too long in front of the TV, stand up during commercial breaks and finishing some pending household chores.
  8. Children are also facing health issues, as their screen time is extended. It is necessary to limit the time spent in front of TV, laptop or game console. In spite of gifting them video games, tablets or mobile, give them skateboard, badminton rackets, bat-ball etc. In this way encourage them to stay active.
  9. Set a reminder to get up from the seat every 30-40 minutes.
  10. When you are in the office , avoid making phone calls or e-mailing your colleagues, walk to their desk.

Final words

From head to toe, from your brain to every joint in your body, movement is essential, as it amplifies every part of your body. Movement has a substantial impact on physical as well as mental health. Try to avoid inactivity, indulge yourself in some or the other activities. If you enjoy taking walks, go for morning or evening walks, whichever is feasible for you. If you are interested in yoga or zumba, go for it. Make efforts to walk more.

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