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Are you mindful towards your mental wellbeing?

This modern world is abundant in emotional stirrings. We all feel the pressure of being successful in life, getting desirable kinship or fear of losing etc. On top of this, the pandemic also affected physical health as well as mental health terribly. Research shows that people who are dealing with mental distress like anxiety, depression and stress have inevitably endured physical health issues like heart disease, intestinal problems, headache, insomnia and autoimmune disorders.

Better Mental wellbeing helps to achieve overall wellbeing

Mental wellbeing is fundamental need of health. Human body has three hearts your brain, your heart and the gut, misbalance in even one among them costs us a lot. The brain, which is the most important organ, is ignored the most. Mental wellbeing is how we respond to life’s ups and downs. It has deeper implication on our lives, including how a person thinks, handles emotion…

Life is not a smooth ride, ups and downs are always there in everyone’s life. Sometimes life seems harsh, full of obstacles but if you stand still in such situations you can fix things up, if can’t make them all better. Don’t get disheartened while facing barriers, as this difficult phase is not going to stay forever, your time will come.

Change is the inevitable truth of life, nothing is immortal. Everything is transitional here. Just like good days are not going to stay forever so as the adverse circumstances. In life we all notice Gradual changes in everything around us. People will change, your feelings will change. Sometimes you get drifted with someone you like the most at some point of time. Acquaintances become strangers, and strangers become friends, sometimes you get judged. No matter what happens in your life, how good or bad it seems today, but life goes on. Every new morning brings new hope, new beginning and new challenges with it. It is life afterall, isn`t it?

In this journey of life you will face good and bad experiences. So to make your journey worthwhile, enjoy and seek pleasure from the good encounters, and don’t get disheartened and lose your mental stability by the unpleasant ones, just move on.

Only ups also lose their worth, they don’t seem delightful and become monotonous because of the consistency. So that being the case, curves are necessary, as you can’t have ups without the downs or the highs without the lows.

I want to emphasize the importance of taking mental wellbeing seriously for healthy and balanced life. Never overlook any symptoms and always consult your mental health practitioner.

Better mental wellbeing helps you to be mindfully handle the ups and downs of life
Signal indicating problems in wellbeing

Signal which indicate, you need to focus on Mental wellbeing

Our body is a complete eco-system in itself, it will give signal and indicate to focus on wellbeing and help yourself, Some of the common indicator are (this is not an exhausted list)

  1. You constantly feel Anxious or Worried
  2. Feeling depressed or unhappy most of the time
  3. Emotional outbursts
  4. Sleep issues
  5. Weight or appetite changes
  6. Constant changes in mood or feelings

10 Advices that You Must Listen for better mental wellbeing

Better Mental wellbeing helps to achieve overall wellbeing
Better Mental wellbeing helps to achieve overall wellbeing

There are things that you can do to help yourself. Everyone is different, so you can find out what works for you.

One – Be positive

Shift your focus from negativity to positive aspects. Surround yourself with positivity, think positive and talk positive. One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. There is a deep connection between positivity and health. people with positive outlook can kick against illness with rapid recovery and they are capable of managing stress effectively.

Two – Take good sleep

Not only for Mental wellbeing, but for overall wellbeing, good sleep is important. Follow a schedule to go to bed at regular time each night. A good night’s sleep will do wonders to your body and mind. Inadequate sleep is an invitation to numerous health conditions like heart disease, diabetes and obesity etc. Try to get enough sleep daily, as it will boost your immunity and balance your hormones.

Three – Eat healthy

Poor nutrition can cause illness and lead to depression. It’s an old saying “We are what we eat.” Don’t let your health suffer while going through tough times, as health comes first. Everything will be alright with time but ignoring your health will only make it distressed. A well balanced vitamins rich diet is important for both body and mind.

  • As Vitamins can balance neurohormones level. These neurohormones are responsible for several essential processes like heart rate and digestion along with mood and feelings. Vitamins like vitamin C and E are good source of antioxidants. In the time of stress and anxiety body consumes good amount of vitamin E.
  • Vitamin C clears excess cortisol(stress hormone) produced during stress.
  • Vitamin B-complex composed of eight B vitamins works effectively when someone is on anxiety and depression medication.

Four – Spend time in nature

Nature has healing power, it soothes our mind. Sit by the river or sea, listen to the water, feel the soothing warmth of the sunlight. As lack of sunlight leads to lower levels of serotonin, which is a happy hormone, a mood stabilizer, it is responsible for making you feel good and live longer. Feel the wind in your hair and you will sense healing is taking place. Spending time in the midst of nature reduces anxiety and stress and engrosses you in contemplating nature’s beauty, you get distracted from the pain and discomforts.

Five – Listen to soothing music

It has a propitious effect towards mental wellbeing. Music can be an effective way to reduce stress and relax the mind. It has restorative power and potentiality to take people out of themselves.

Six – Socialize with like minded people

We humans are social animals. Socializing is a sine qua non of human needs. We all require guarded ground and people to seek support when bad things happen. The criteria of like minded people is different for everyone. I want to be surrounded by people who enjoy music, like to indulge in a healthy lifestyle, talk about healthy food, have artistic inclination and enjoy reading. For you the traits of like minded people might differ.

Seven – Be physically active

Engage yourself in some sort of physical activity. Do yoga, exercise, walking or zumba anything according to your wish or you are comfortable with. Just make sure you put on shoes and get moving. It is very much needed, as exercise reduces stress, increases your stamina. But be watchful also, don’t trust your body rigorously, better consult with your doctor then start with it.

Eight – Write out your thoughts

Inculcate a habit of writing out your thoughts if you suffered any unpleasant event. Write it down on a piece of paper, which you can tear into pieces later. The writing out of thoughts can make you less distort, as writing systematizes your thoughts and makes you feel better by letting you have an emotional outlet.

Nine – Be Hopeful

Keep a positive outlook towards life. Smile, laugh and enjoy your life.

  • In the difficult moments of life, just pause for a moment, take a breath and reflect on what your next steps will be. Taking time to press pause is sometimes the best action you can take to find that spirit of hope again.
  • Remember what you are thankful for. Practicing gratitude makes you better equipped to handle what comes your way with a hopeful spirit.
  • Limit your Bad News intake
  • Focus on what you can look forward to. Thinking about a future vision always inspires hope and reminds you there is another chapter still to come.
  • Always have friends, who have hope for their future, they will inspire you for positive outlook.

Ten – Do regular Meditation

Many studies have proved, mediation is an excellent medicine of mental wellbeing. Practice meditation regularly, this will help you train your mind to dismiss negative thought, and improves mental health. Normally, mental and physical stress cause increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This produces many of the harmful effects of stress, such as the release of inflammatory chemicals called cytokines.

Final words

Do remember one thing ‘Nothing is permanent’ nothing lasts forever, just like good days, bad days will also depart one day, let your mental wellbeing doesn’t suffer. If you are facing a tough time, following the stragtegies which I have discussed in the blog, which will help to glide smoothly through these uneven paths of life.

So relax!!! and don’t be stressed about the things which you cannot control and change. Divert your energies towards creating something worthwhile, something positive.

Disclaimer – Always consult a specialist or your own family doctor for more information.

I hope you find the blog useful, do share your thoughts/comments in ‘Leave a reply’ box below.

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