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Is your stomach often upset during summers? Do you feel to eat something cool and refreshing to keep your body temperature in control? Look no further, this traditional south Indian dish has answer to these questions.

Here in this blog I am going to talk about one such fulfilling recipe from South India “Curd Rice“.

Curd Rice: A Delicious and Nutritious Cure for Upset Stomach and Indigestion

This dish is an amazing remedy for upset stomach and indigestion. It is high in calcium and helps cool the body temperature. It is a great diet for everyday food and is also very relieving for constipation and indigestion.

Sometimes I feel thankful for my husband’s work-sphere. As it afforded me an opportunity to explore the most exquisite beauty-spot of India “South India”. My knowledge of South Indian cuisine was limited to just idli-sambar and dosa, but after spending quite a good amount of time here, I got chance to perceive their customs, and culture more closely. It made me realize that South Indian cuisine, besides being rich in taste and diversity, has medicinal properties and health benefits too.

Curd rice an savior, when you have upset stomach and indigestion
South Indian Curd rice

South Indian cuisine encompasses four states: Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil-Nadu and Andra-Pradesh. This humble dish is also known as Thayir Sadam in Tamil, Mosaranna in Karnataka and Perugannam in Andra Pradesh and Tayire Choore in Kerala.

Things which make South Indian food flourishing and flavorful.

  • Rice, lentils, banana and coconut are the inseparable part of this cuisine. These ingredients made this cuisine wholesome.
  • It is rich in protein, as rice and lentils combination improves protein quality.
  • Rich in fiber
  • Easy to digest
  • It is a good source of probiotics, as idli, dosa batter is made up of fermented rice and lentils. Fermentation improves digestibility, increases B vitamins and uplifts immunity.

And so on South Indian cuisines have numerous traits.

The best thing about curd rice is that you can have it anytime in the morning or in the evening, either as a meal or as a snack. Nearly all South Indians love to have curd-rice in their meal and especially in summer, as curd-rice helps to bring down the body temperature. It can be a stress-reliever and mood-elevator. A good option for people who want to lose weight as it is low in calories in comparison to pulao or fried rice etc…, also if rice is fried, it will reduce the pH level and contribute to the release of acid-forming minerals. 

Nutritional benefits of curd rice

Curd rice is a great source of protein, calcium, and vitamin D, all of which are important for maintaining your health. The rice and curd combination is easy to digest and helps to soothe the digestive system. It’s also a great way to get your daily dose of probiotics, which can help keep your gut healthy, and great way to get your body back on track and feeling good again.

Excellent for upset stomach:

Curd rice aids digestion. It is the best home remedy for an upset stomach. As low-fiber and starch in rice helps to solidify stool and prevent diarrhea. So while having an upset stomach, go for white rice over brown rice. As brown rice is generally considered a healthy option for diabetics and heart patients. But go for white rice while having an upset stomach, as it is easy to digest whereas brown rice is hard to digest. If you are undergoing constipation then prefer brown rice.

Promotes healthy microbial balance:

Curd is rich in probiotics which promotes the growth of good gut bacteria, making it beneficial for bloating, indigestion and diarrhoea. The curd in the rice helps to soothe the stomach and the rice helps to absorb the excess acid.

Plentiful in nutritional contents:

It is a good source of protein and antioxidants, high in calcium, magnesium and potassium. It is also a good source of vitamin A, which helps in better digestion of food.

Curd rice an Amazing remedy, when you have upset stomach and indigestion
Nutritious Curd rice

Above reasons are good enough to include this wholesome recipe in your diet.

Healthier way to prepare Curd rice

Here I am sharing with you the recipe of curd-rice which I follow at home.

  1. Mix one bowl of cooked rice (soft and a little bit mushy) with one bowl of curd and salt according to your taste.
  2. Heat a tablespoon of oil or ghee in a pan, add a pinch of asafetida, mustard seeds, few curry leaves and finely chopped green chilies.
  3. Add this tempering over the mixture of curd and rice.
  4. Garnish it with chopped fresh coriander leaves and some pomegranate seeds. Serve it cold.

Few tips to enhance the taste

  1. You can add vegetables, fruits, and different spices to it. 
  2. Serve curd-rice with mango pickle or tomato chutney, this will enhance the taste of your dish.
  3. In tempering along with mustard seeds, you can add a tea spoon of gram daal or udad dal with half tea spoon of finely chopped ginger to give it a nice crunch and to enhance the taste.

Things to be takencare

  1. Let the rice cool down slightly then add them to curd to avoid splitting of curd. 
  2. With curd, it is better to have curd which is Well set and fresh. avoid having curd which has become too sour.

Final Word

Every house would have its own way to preparing Curd rice as per their taste buds, It is super easy and quick to prepare yet it is a tasty and healthy option to avoid binge eating. A bowl of curd rice can keep you full for a long time. It helps you to prevent yourself from snacking on unhealthy junk.

Curd rice can be the perfect option for any meal during summer to bring down the body temperature.  It helps in digestion of food and prevents stomach pain.

Curd rice can be one the best natural fire extinguisher!

Do share your thoughts/comments in ‘Leave a reply’ box below.

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Disclaimer – Always consult a specialist or your own family doctor for more information.





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