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Beat the heat, simple hacks to keep your body fresh and cool this Summer!

The sizzling heat of sun we are enduring nowadays, implies that we have already rolled into the summer. Like other weathers this scorching summer season also brings in it’s own assets and liabilities.

I recollect how during summer our wardrobes switched to Cotton, linen and muslin clothes. It was the strict rule to have ‘Aam Panna’ (Raw mango drink) before stepping out at noon, to beat the heat. I feel nostalgic, how it was the daily tasks to fill water in the Air Coolers (Air Conditions were not so common) during our childhood day. Every house use to follow unique way to keep the house temperature in control, some use to put Shade in the open area, some use to fill water on the roof in the evening, and other uses wet grass mesh to control the heat.

As a result of global warming, we are already experiencing scorching temperatures around the world, with Asian countries the most affected. City life makes it more challenging, as full families live in small apartments.

Summer is the time when bacterial growth is at its peak. During this time of the year we confront the excess heat and humidity and consequently face digestive issues and skin infection.

With some care and precautions you can be summer ready. So without much hurly-burly here are some tips to beat the heat and keep yourself cool in a delightful way this summer.

Simple hacks to have delightful Summer!

Keep yourself hydrated

It is the first and the foremost thing. As in summer we sweat extensively, which leads to fluid loss in the body. Keeping yourself  hydrated adequately is a good way to cope up with this loss. It is the easiest way to survive the summer heat. Along with water you can have buttermilk, coconut water and other hydrating fruits. Hence, drink adequate amount of liquid.

Keep meals lighter

Try to have light meals as heavy meals make your body work hard to digest it. As a result of this the core temperature of the body increases and you feel lethargic, sweaty and uncomfortable. Shun away from too much salty and processed foods like ice-cream. I know here I am sounding ruthless, but it’s true that for a time being it soothes you but later on it makes you feel hotter. If you are fond of ice-cream, then it will be a better option to prepare it in your kitchen.

If you eat carelessly or eat junk food from outside, the  microbes attack your digestive tract. It causes vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea. It’s important to maintain hygiene in the kitchen and consume fresh and well cooked food. Watermelon, mango and cucumber are healthier replacements.

Watermelon is the perfect option to quench the thirst during scorching summer heat. As watermelon is packed with nutrients like vitamin A, C, potassium, magnesium, antioxidants and high in water content (comprises 92% water).

Cucumber is also low in calories and high in water. It is composed of almost 96% water, along with nutrients like vitamin A and C, small amounts of vitamin K, potassium, magnesium and manganese.

Mango is exceptionally a summer fruit. As it beats the heat stroke and cools you down promptly and revitalizes you.

Summer Wardrobe
Summer Wardrobe

Dress appropriately

Wearing tight fitted and dark clothes makes you more sweaty, which sometimes block the skin pores and create raised bumps. If you want to stay cool and comfortable go for loose, light coloured cotton clothes.

Make use of Sunscreen lotion

Try to stay inside during the peak hours. Those who ought to go outside should be cautious to keep their skin protected against getting exposed to harmful UV rays by making use of sunscreen lotion or cream. To make it work properly on your skin, apply it 15 to 30 minutes before stepping out. 

Keep surroundings cool

Keep your surroundings as cool as possible and stay inside at noon when the sun is over our head. Below are few tips:

  • Close your blinds to avoid SUN in the rooms
  • Open windows and balcony/garden doors in the morning and at evening
  • Check for cross ventilations
  • Bring home more green indoor plants

Final words

Those who work outdoors, stay watchful to keep their body hydrated by drinking fluids frequently. Carrying water with yourself is a good choice , use goggles and umbrella and have summer appropriate clothing. Following these simple ways you can beat the heat this summer.

Do share your comments and incase you have followed any other simple solutions type in the comment box!!!






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