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These days there is so much of gaga on television media for temporarily blocking social media accounts of India’s political leader who also happen to be IT minister. And the irony of the situation is, Minster says his account blocking does not comply to Indian IT rules (recently defined), while platform says, your tweets doesn’t comply with original rules defined in US i.e. “Violation of digital millennium copyright act of the USA”.

I fail to understand, when product irrespective being manufactured in any country, has to comply with local/selling country rules, why not social media platforms also have to follow the same. Are they so big, that any rule is small for them? then what is the different between an autocrat and a social media platform.

Social platforms

Of course presence on social media has become a de-facto standard, you have no identity without it, as people today feel proud to share what is happening in their life and encourage you to share yours’s. If someone is sharing the pictures of his/her Goa visit, other will be sharing for Singapore… and it follows. Sometime I also feel, if someone known share pictures of Holiday trip to USA, I might have to plan a holiday tour on Moon to get those unique and different pictures.

We had seen lot of talent shows on social media during 2020, where these social media platforms had provided a medium to everyone to remain connected and know what’s happen in your near and dear ones life. I do recollect learning the Art of making a Pizza completely at home, and present it in such a way that my Pizza 🍕 get atleast 100+ likes irrespective of how it taste 😊

The development of mobile technology has laid a helping hand in increase for usage of social media. As in present time everyone has mobile in their hands, this makes social sites easily accessible for them on the go. There is flood of mobile applications these days, I suppose the rate of building application has surpass the child born rate in China and India 😊

While usage of these networking sites provide a sense of community and social support, but also has cons of its own, as there is always two sides of a coin. Your privacy is always vulnerable, irrespective of many claims of privacy being maintain by these sites. We keep reading about account being hacked, and personal information is being misused.

No one can ignore the dominance of social media in day-2-days life. Politician using these platform to connect with voters, business men use them to spread their wings to endorse their products, common man use to keep himself updated, NGO’s use them to share social messages and encourage people to participate, as these are floating in form of Post, tweets…. on internet.

One of biggest benefit of social media, is revolutionizing the education system. Online lectures can be conducted and distributed very easy. Infect, age is no bar for new learning for anyone, these platform can be used by anyone of us to get online certifications. Many tutorials are easily available on these platforms in form of articles, video, picture and many more. Teachers, online education portals and schools are able to reach students very easily.

These platform giants know the power of reaching to their end user, and hence they try to influence/dominate the life of their users. They allow end user to share their feeling in his/her local language. but fail to comply with local IT rules. No-one is big for them, they can block or unblock anyone, whether you are President of US or minister of any country or any business tycoon. And the latest incident is inline with this.

The Indian government is crying foul on the blocking of IT minister account (though temporary), and claim that it is an intentional move by the platform, for not able to comply with local local IT rules. Government is planning to take action against these violators within the rule books.

Being a civilian, I am inline with the call of the government to “No compromise” and ensuring social media platforms to adhere new IT rules. Every platform has to comply and respect the local guidelines.

What’s your take on this sensitive topic, where one side it is your local guidelines and other side is these platforms trying to dominate?

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  1. I know Bittu. Tell you in this highly extolled n revered nation called mother India, or U name any other country. Media is at stake n highest bidder they yeild to and bend knees with prosterated torso. Our very popular channels funding from outside keep changing and there harping n tune desperately try to match the funding bosses wills!!
    U can see sometimes they praise this n than that . N ofcourse preach this n practice that. Shit splattered all round. Money power eventually calls stakes.

  2. Yes social media should follow the local guidelines. It is like respecting the local, who are your end users. Good to.see you now touching such topics.

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