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This global Pandemic has taught us unvarnished lessons for life. The second wave of Covid-19 proved to be more lethal in comparison to the first one. This wave did not spare anyone. We all witnessed cessation of our near and dear ones.

Stay Distant – Physically Not Socially

The hardest part of this virus is the feeling of helplessness and loneliness/Isolation. As we are bound to keep a safe distance from others, for our as well as their safety too. The down side of these measures ensues in loneliness.

Peoples’ regret and guilt for not being able to did much for their loved ones, exacerbated their grief.

Pandemic has claimed the lives of millions around the world. Constant encounters with these losses has heightened the awareness of our own mortality and fragility. It knocked up a sense of fear, which has prevailed everywhere.

It`s hard to escape the overwhelming feeling of grief. But please don’t be so hard on yourself, grief itself is hard enough!

People are scuffling with isolation and loneliness. Acknowledgement of your losses and feeling of grief to friends and family give some level of comfort. Considering this, connecting with others is really vital in these days. Distancing should be physical not social.

If your family member with whom you share the roofs, your close friend or dear one’s are suffering with this fatal disease, alongside taking necessary precautions physically, stay socially connected to them. Human is said to be a social animal, that gives a strong reason to understand how important it is to stay connected. These dreadful time has taught us how important it is to stay connected.

Since you are restricted physically it doesn’t mean you can’t connect and comfort them !!

  • Call to check up on them
  • Text them, inquire whether they need and how do they feel.
  • Ensure them that it’ll be alright and you’re with them .
  • Make them believe they can go through this and there’s an end to it.

“There is nothing permanent except change.”


One thing which is good about time is, It will pass away – whether good or bad.

Now things are retrieving, more and more people are getting vaccinated.

We should not loose hope, be patient and be optimistic. Try to change your perspective towards the things and feelings which were taken for granted earlier.

  • Love more unconditionally
  • Try to tune out the stress
  • Explore ways to turn negative thoughts into good one
  • Find ways to stay connected
  • Learn new skills that you thought you never could

In the current scenario, we all are caged to these overwhelming times, not being available when they needed your assistance, to be there for your loved ones. Do not feel guilty for not being able to be there or did not do enough, instead try to understand, that you put your best while being under so much stress and restrictions. Gratitude can also pacify you. It is for sure that these horrendous times will soon come to an end. It brings great emphasis on the fact that we should not loose hope, keep ourselves strong.

Such phenomenon is said to take place once in a century, in the past those crisis and dreadful times passed away and so it will now. So stay strong and stay connected!!!

It’s essential to follow safety guidelines but along with that we have to be mindful and empathetic too.

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