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It’s a baffling riddle, we always pine for what we don’t have. Always Grass is Greener on there side.

In the hell of hot and sticky summer, we dream of cold chills of winter, waiting eagerly for the cozy and romantic weather to arrive. As winter strike we become busy in making plans to go on holidays to some hot beaches.

Grass is always greener on the on the other side.

General saying

We feel so, Probably because we always cry out for what we don’t have.

Grass is greener on other side

Always notice other’s life is better then ours’s. We always compare others achievement and undergo feeling of injustice life has done with us. It is you, who have to always work harder to achieve smaller goals.

In real sense, it could be anything like your relative’s luxury life, your superior’s house, your colleague’s designation, your friend’s car and how ever many examples you want to hear.

It’s a well versed proverb and I am sure everyone heard it many a times, used it in their conversations for others. We become disregardful of this when it comes to implement it on ourselves. Unfortunately we deliberately cease to think.

The hindi version of this proverb is “Dusre ki thali me ghee jyada lagta hai”.

For me also the grass was greener on the other side. While pursuing my study I got married, shortly after that procured motherhood, become a mother of a lovely daughter. I was quite happy and contented in my little Elysium . But some where in my subconscious the thought of not doing any job and I am just a ‘HouseWife’ kept hovering. Cherry on the cake our dear society consistent in nagging.

“Oh!!! you don’t do any job.”

“Why don’t you do something, nowadays every other girl is doing something or the other along with taking care of their family.”

With all these remarks I became restless over and over. In that state of mind tried my hands at various things. Left no stone unturned to be a imitator of those ‘Working Woman’ .
As ours is a nuclear family setup, when I also stepped out we had to kept our daughter to a play group which made me distressed.

Matter of perspective

I recall the days when I fetched her from daycare, on many occasions I witnessed tears in her innocent eyes which shattered me deeply. My hubby was keeping track of my struggles he made me realize that I should carry out the things which impart contentment to me, I should be proud of what I am contributing to my family, and continue to feel the same, even if the society does not feel the same about me.

Thanks to my dear husband because of him I have understood that I can be happy only when I count my blessings and cease myself to emulate others’. Now according to me grass is always greener on the other side and it’s you who have to decide which side suits you well.

It is all matter of perspective of looking at things. Instead of getting plucked comparison with other, better turnabout your perspective back to yourself. If one strives to be the best they can be, they will be looked upon as an epitome despite their flaws.


So next time you think someone has it better than you, just stop and think about how others may think you have it better than them. The grass on your side may just be greener.

Grass is greener where you water it consistently. We overlook the efforts of other, who perform consistent efforts to make grass of their side greener.

If the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, you can bet the water bill is higher.

Debbie Macomber

Success is a matter of constant efforts.

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  1. Ruefully I admit that finding grass greener on other side is not an inadvertent but natural and obvious feeling.Preety articulate you are in expressing your part. Tell you no person is ascetic enough to ignore greener side, can’t relinquish it’s all desires,burried deep, fighting a loosing battle to come to surface. During the process,unawareabout the wistful i.e. feelings of vague or regretful longing,carnal or dark desires, that were to be vanquished, but couldn’t unfortunately.
    You are absolutely right about watering and other monumental efforts that has gone in keeping the grass greener on other side.
    Well played Bittu. Keep it up. Papa. 🙂

  2. Very well expressed. Mirror to today’s era.
    Perception ….what’s real n what people see. Self sation is utmost.

    Love to read ur more posts…keep writing n sharing

  3. Whatever we do, if we are doing it because others want us to do that or because it looks cool or modern , then we are never going to be satisfied with our life. Had money or being modern or cool would have brought inner satisfaction, so many celebrities would not have ended their life themselves or would not have resorted to drugs. Life is always about whether you are satisfied with where you are and what you have. 99% people are never dissatisfied because they have less but only because others have more. And this is a very shallow way to see life and this is why great sages have always told “Satisfaction is the Greatest Happiness”.

    Though in real life, it is the most difficult thing to practice but if one can master this thought process, no worldly attainment can come close to happiness this will bestow.

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