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Journey during Covid-19 pandemic

2020 till now has been an year which is unfolding life, which has never been imagine. This expedition since last year has shown us the true side of the fictitious life we have been living. I am sure these experiences are of lifetime and teaching the real values of life and humanity.

Life was usual in the sense that everything in my routine was going through its regular pace. My morning started with a mission in the kitchen to quickly put together lunch-boxes for kids and Husband, as I had to get myself ready for my Zumba class, which I cherished the most in my whole day’s pursuits.

It’s in the mid Feb 2020, that I started to hear about “Covid-19”. Some ‘flu’ like disease in Wuhan (China). Some of the ladies in the Zumba group used to talk about it on a daily basis after the class, when we were packing our bags to return home. At that time I laid back, didn’t pay heed to those exchanges. Unaware of the lethal consequences of this virus. 

No one ever imagined this ‘Invisible VIRUS’ would shake the lives of millions terribly. Everyone endured hazardous disease in their own way. Hell of a lot of chaos everywhere, people started losing their job, the labor class began migrating to their native.

The number of covid patients were kept increasing. I was also distressed by the state of affairs. Atmosphere of confusion prevailed every where. Not only common people, even the doctors were unable to understand and explain it precisely. Few days had gone in that frame of mind.

Journey during Covid-19 pandemic
Journey during Covid-19 pandemic

Life has narrowed within boundaries of home after lockdown. Work from home has become a necessity, kids started school at home, no vehicles on the road, online shopping is now the new normal.

In parallel, India emerged as a figurehead. During this pandemic the powerful nations and economies greatly appreciated India and followed its humanity before economy formula to counter attack the novel coronavirus.

But something worthwhile also happened during the Pandemic. While surviving in limited resources, I started to retrospect and begin unfolding the Fictitious Life

Togetherness – I realize that Happiness is never achieved by materialistic things, but can be derived through trivial gestures of togetherness. Debarred indefinitely, no housekeeping helps make us realize that these odd jobs can give immense pleasure when pursued together. Spending time with family while cooking gave me lots of pleasure, my husband realized how hard to select a daily menu, and myself about his stressful office work. This bonding was making the expedition less stressful and moving towards true values of life.

Life is precious – The most important lesson of life which I learned during these difficult days is ‘LIFE is PRECIOUS’. Never regret what you don’t have, and live life to its fullest and appreciate it. Life is like a Sine wave, ups and downs will always be there. 

Currently its Pandemic, some other time it will be something else. Obstacles will always be there, but we have to learn ART to enjoy each day of life.

These terrible days make us contemplate over various aspects of life, which we always keep ignoring.   

Let`s do our bit

Situation is not in our control, still we can do contribute – 

  • Let’s not become a covid spreader (by staying at home)
  • Get all eligible members vaccinated ASAP
  • Spread a positive message that everything will be alright soon.
  • Only share or pass positive message in your social groups (Never forward any message without knowing the facts)
  • Do Yoga, to keep yourself health and ready to face any health challenge

To sum-up, what I learned about life is : it goes on…

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” -Aristotle

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  1. As you know, for last month or so ,we shunted off Driver maid cook etc staff. Me and your mom together did all the usual household chores. Maa remarked at my cleaning floors that they never looked so clean earlier. We used to plan and cook choice dishes for breakfast lunch and dinner. Twice a week only I used to venture out to buy necessary things fruits vegetables juices etc. Enjoyed the CORONA AFFAIR to the hilt.
    Nice write up. Few grammatical errors ,hardly matters. Above all man invented language only to satisfy it’s deep need to complain. It’s used to communicate is a secondary bonus!! Love it. Do tc.

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