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Planning to relocate to a new city, better to know Truths of Adjusting In New City? Learn from my experience the best 5 ways to adjust into a new city, and to make your stay enjoyable. I have experience of living in many cities due to the nature of my husband’s job.

Truths of Adjusting In New City

Truths of Adjusting In New City
Truths of Adjusting In New City

With Globalization, the job requirements are also changing and staying at one place seems old school. Unlike the earlier days we can`t stay at one place for our whole life. We have to move to different places sometimes for higher studies, job transfer etc.…

People who remain in the same place become skeptical of any change, and I was also a FROG In The WELL, never dreamed of leaving my Comfort Zone. Though the truth is ‘change is inevitable’ and also rightly described by Robin Sharma – “It is HARD at FIRST, MESSY in the MIDDLE and GORGEOUS at the END”

I recall my childhood friends who shifted abroad. They struggled to  understand the new accent, new culture, although I experienced similar things in India while shifting from north to south itself, as it is diverse in language, culture, and ways of socializing…

It is exciting to shift to a new place, but, the truth is shifting brings its sets of difficulties.

Best 5 ways to adopt with new place –

  1. Overcome Language Barrier
  2. Adjusting and Adopting new culture
  3. Conquer local environment
  4. Win the hunger games 
  5. Deal with Homesickness

1. Overcome Language Barrier

Language is the vital part of human connection. It lends us a helping hand to express our thoughts, feelings and ideas with others. It becomes a barrier when people around you speak different language and you find it difficult to communicate with them

To overcome this barrier:

  • Ask for the help from the locals – Take the help of the people around you like colleagues, neighbor’s and friends to learn local words and phrases.
  • Be an active listener – Good Listening and observing skills always helps to understand the conversations.Try to be part of local conversations, understand the expression/emissions. Take help from people for translation around you.
  • If possible, join a short language course either offline or online. There are many free tutorials available on Youtube, or local channels.

2. Conquer local environment

This world is a diverse place. Every city has its own culture and ways of socializing. So don’t be stubborn as a mule, it annoys others and they begin to shun you.

To resolve this difficulty to some extent

  • Embrace the new surroundings with open heart
  • Things which seem to be strange initially become absolutely normal as time passes.
  • Win their heart! Be a part of local initiates for society.

3. Win the hunger games

Restaurant table and chair

The best way to enjoy any new city is to indulge in local delicacies.

  • Create a list of famous restaurants as per your choice of continental, local food etc. and also review their rating.
  • Ask for the suggestions of the locals.
  • Mix and match local spices in your food.

4. Roam around the city

I am a frequent visitor to malls,a good negotiator at local markets and like to organise weekend parties with friends and family.I started to miss all that fun after relocation.This habit of mine encouraged me to roam around the city

  • Begin to list the popular places
  • During weekends I started visiting famous city’s landmarks, using public transport

On holidays or weekends take city tour, It helps you to catch the vibe of the city

5. Deal with Homesickness

Man in Sad mood

Even if everything around you seems alright, still sometimes you feel wistful. Longing for your previous city perturb you way too much. You miss your favorite eating joints, gang of friends.

To get control of this situation, it’s better if you tackle the feeling of separation patiently. Sometimes it’s good to miss 🙂

Other things which you can do – 

  1. Call your friends and family regularly (but not too often) …
  2. Share your feelings with friends. …
  3. Accept your new circumstances, your emotions and yourself! …
  4. Go out and enjoy your new city. …
  5. Do some exercise, eat well and get some sleep. …
  6. Make a home away from home. …
  7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Final words

Moving with turtle speed always helps to win the game. Adjusting to a new place and culture takes time and with an open heart and patience one can achieve this. Finding ways to mingle with locals and exploring the city will help to conquer the challenges.





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