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Ageing is inevitable 1

Ageing is inevitable but how we age is in our hands

Ageing is the fact of life, we can’t spurn it, but looking your age can be turned down by taking care of yourself both physically and mentally. Getting one more year older with each passing year is inevitable, however we all desperately want to hold over the signs of ageing as far as feasible.

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Well done Alka, Great start!!! I can related all the difficulties mentioned with my daughter, also these solution do work in practical life. Once again well done!


Thank you alka for putting up the amazing content on your blog.I have read few articles but my personal favourite is this one. I can totally resonate with what you have written.Like other women I also wear many hats- Homemaker, Mother of two wonderful kids and social worker.Due to hectic work lifestyle I often ignored my health. But like you mentioned that Covid-19 have affected us both mentally and physically,there is a need to bring simple changes in our daily life.

Keep up the good work!! Looking forward to more wonderful and insightful content.


Very well expressed. Mirror to today’s era.
Perception ….what’s real n what people see. Self sation is utmost.

Love to read ur more posts…keep writing n sharing


Wonderful write up Alka
What a great start .you are boosting up others life
Great mind starts a great conversation and thought process . you are making this true
Keep it up girl
Loads of love and best wishes to you